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An esthetician provides a relaxing massaging after performing a Hydrafacial

HydraFacial FAQs: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It’s Popular

Removing dead skin cells from our face is one of the best ways to help achieve better facial tone and texture. Facial rejuvenation techniques have advanced a lot over the past couple of years, and we now have very accessible procedures like BOTOX®, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal to help us achieve the facial appearance we’re looking for. One of the newest techniques that Azia Medical Spa offers is the HydraFacial—a revolutionary procedure that is based on microdermabrasion.

What Is the Hydra Facial?

A HydraFacial, also known as a hydro dermabrasion treatment, is one of the newest non-invasive techniques that can help remove dead skin cells from the surface of the face. It’s based on microdermabrasion techniques, which use microcrystals to help smooth out the skin. With the HydraFacial, there are no crystals involved. Instead, we use a spiral tip tool that exfoliates the skin, removes impurities, and applies a special, nutrient-rich serum.

The serum is a collagen-rich, protective component that aids in cleansing the skin while ensuring it stays hydrated throughout the entire procedure. By constantly moisturizing the skin, this serum helps to soothe and refresh the face while the procedure takes place. This extra step makes the facial healthier for the skin and keeps it looking great for longer.

Is a HydraFacial Worth The Increased Price?

While a HyrdaFacial costs more than a typical facial, it offers longer-lasting results with a more gentle effect on the skin. The serum that is constantly applied during the process can help prolong the effects while also ensuring that there is less damage caused to your skin. Plus, the exfoliating and cleansing steps reach deeper into the skin to clear away impurities that other procedures can’t reach. 

Think of a HydraFacial like an investment in your skin—one that pays dividends in clarity, texture, firmness, and anti-aging properties.

What Makes HydraFacials Special?

In general, a Hydra Facial is much more gentle and can help keep your skin moisturized as the dead skin cells are removed. You can also immediately return to your day-to-day activities since there is no downtime—you can even apply makeup the next day! 

HydraFacials can also be customized to your skin type and goals by using different kinds of serums and add-ons. Whether you’re looking to add a dermal filler to help improve your skin tone or encourage skin restoration with naturally-occurring proteins, there are lots of options to choose from.

What Are HydraFacials Typically Used For?

HydraFacials can help treat a broad range of skin concerns, from simple skin congestion to stubborn signs of aging. When you treat yourself to a HydraFacial, you’re giving yourself the gifts of:

  • Deep exfoliation
  • Cleansed and unclogged pores
  • Long-lasting facial hydration
  • Improved skin texture and radiance
  • Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Boosted collagen production
  • Smoothed out skin tone

Do HydraFacials Help With Acne?

HydraFacials are widely recognized as a safe and effective way to help deal with acne. This is because the uniquely shaped tip can help get rid of acne-causing agents while also cleansing pores. The collagen-boosting properties of HydraFacials can also help to clean up scars left behind by acne, improving the overall texture and luster of your face.

Quench Your Skin’s Thirst with a HydraFacial

If your face is looking dull, wrinkled, or congested, it’s time to make a smart investment in your skin with a HydraFacial. This incredible technique provides dramatic anti-aging, acne reduction, and facial rejuvenation results with no downtime, no surgery, and no needles required. Level up your skincare game with this incredible and relaxing treatment—trust us, you’ll thank yourself!

HydraFacials at Azia Med Spa in Birmingham, AL

Embrace your skin’s natural glow and enhance the way you feel with a HydraFacial. Proudly serving the Birmingham metro and surrounding areas, Azia Med Spa is here for you. To schedule your HydraFacial appointment or request a consultation to discuss your skincare goals, call us today at (205) 908-7772 or contact us online.

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